This highly researched explanation focuses on Qatar's Air transport in the logistics field. By far the most secure method of delivery today is executed through air transportation. Air freight provides an unbeatable range of benefits including: outstanding transfer speeds, precision monitoring via tracking numbers in addition to worldwide monitoring services.

Understanding that there is a discrepancy between the two types of freight done by air is important: classical & express shipping are two different key terms related to air freight. It is natural that both models of transportation would each have it's benefits & downsides. This will vary based on a number of considerations which will be addressed in the next section of this article. For now we will provide you with a summarized form of our page to make it easier for readers to skip directly to his/her preferred subject on our page.

1.1) Conventional air freight services from Qatar

One of today's leading shipping options is the traditional air freight service in Qatar. More specifically, you are able to transport merchandise anywhere around the globe as quickly as possible. Traditional airline cargo, in contrast to express-based air freight, enables merchandise transportation through conventional flights such as Qatar Airlines, french airlines or Chinese airlines.... Parcels will be dispatched on traditional carriers for delivery, to read more about air freight and the cargo company desired click on the links below:

Flight: Qatar airlines

Flight: french airlines

flight: Chinese airlines

1.2) Express services from Qatar

Freight air cargo forwarding companies send goods via major corporations, most often linked with express airlines . They all have a good reputation, please refer to the list of companies below, for more detailed information if you need to visit the website:

express-courier company

From Qatar to Delay
New York 5 - 7
Los Angeles 7 - 9
Sydney 6 - 8
Johannesburg 5 - 7
Moscow 4 - 6
Paris 5 - 7
Buenos Aires 7 - 9
Hong Kong 6 - 8
London 6 - 8

2.1) How long does it take to ship fromQatar?

To be capable of supplying a more accurate picture of conventional air freight shipping schedules, as well as our quotations, all stages of shipping have been grouped together: collection for shipment to be delivered by truck, pre-flight procedures with the customs for goods to be cleared in the airport, before the departure of the flight. It should be noted that freight duration is not very variable, as the distinction to be made when flying direct and connecting flights are only a little more hours overtime, but other circumstances can lead to significant savings.

For a relatively quick glimpse, these estimates have been calculated using only the takeoff & landing in Qatar.

2.2) Can DocShipper Book Space On Cargo Planes For The Same Day?

Depending on time and if the request has been received earlier in the day time from 8 am to 12;30pm, the delivery may therefore be processed on a same-day basis.  Nevertheless, it should be noted that such transactions are very expensive, so it is recommended to begin operations at an early stage to prevent any potential difficulties in the future.

Not only passengers are eligible for five-star facilities.

The newly built hangar in Hammad international airport, launched as early as 12, 1, 2013, and is at the leading edge regarding world-class freight forwarding and logistics innovation. One of the most advanced freight facilities on the market, IHA provides the opportunity of expanding world-class freight operations, allowing Qatar Airways Cargo both to deliver efficient and clear customer and freight carrier solutions world-wide. As a result with a newly built freight forwarding system, new levels for both customer service & unmatched reliability and value will be achieved both within the Gulf area and worldwide.

Situated along the middle of the urban area, HIA´s has an annual cargo handling rate as high as 1.4 million tons in weight. A double level freight warehouse includes a storing area, computerized systems that has recovery systems, desks & work areas, is 55,000 m2 and includes eleven large freight points with forty two runway-side loading ramps. In addition to a total of thirty-one facilities for loading trucks on site, allowing for the quick deployment of merchandise coming in and going out of Qatar in a fast and reliable fashion. Provided that a advanced scanning technology is available, they will ensure the safety and complete protection of the installation, its staff and the merchandise. Read more about air freight facilities and operations in Hammad international airport.`

4.1) What DocShipper Qatar need to know to give you a quote ?


it defines the duties as well as the requirements of the transport of merchandise from every customer to every dealer. This part will explain and discuss this concept further we will think about the possible risks to be avoided.

 Volume in cubic meters and weight in Kilograms

There two most significant elements influencing the cost are the capacity (or size/volume) and the load weight used while forwarding. So, for this reason, you should understand both concepts, especially when they may appear to be easy to understand from the outset

- The nature of the products

 There are many forms of shipping: barrels, crates, pallets big carton boxes, & many other products. Actually, the shipping options are very diversified. Whatever product you have no matter how large could fit in containers. We can ship you anything you want, including housewares, machinery components or the newest items available on the market.

Certain goods are slower to be shipped compared to different items, including for example, a chemical, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, and so on. In these circumstances, there are security procedures that are implemented to ensure that they conform to the international norms.

- The departure and arrival address

In order to obtain quotes for your shipment, it is necessary to have the correct postal delivery code of your item. The full mailing information is not requested before the time that you are willing to reserve for delivery. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware at all times about which shipping destination, whether private home or a business place, as well as the specific operating requirements of a motorized platform to lift the goods. Such feedback may help to ensure that an air freight quotation is provided. Keep in mind some specific aspects such as terms of entry and departure are very useful. As a matter of fact, every single feature may cost a lot of money and be very pricey to forget, therefore to plan it all out to avoid this problem beforehand. The great thing about it is the fact that in the process our specialists will be there to advise you!

- Packaging requirements

There are certain circumstances in which packing is required, whether it is due to the fact that goods such as glass are vulnerable in other cases, to the fact that there are certain international norms to be respected, such as those for certain unsafe products. Nevertheless, that is a major point that cannot be ignored.

- The necessary licenses

Certain types of goods are subject to special provisions to conform with national import legislation generally, although exports can be similar. However, in the event that you are unable to send your shipment in the required format to meet current international regulations as well as norms, it will not be possible for us to ship it.

- The packing list

A precise description of the shipment, including products, amount, cost per unit and overall cost, is provided in this document. It also contains the owner's information and details (telephone, e-mail, address).

- Other

depending on what type of goods is being shipped.

 4.2) How to Find the Cheapest Air Freight rates from Qatar?

Below are the seven main factors that we consider to be of the utmost importance when you are planning to ship goods using aerial shipment.

  1. An accurate overview about where you stand and how you operate
  2. Be familiar with both the market and costs
  3. Be sure you are using the right shipping method (Classic or Express)
  4. Verification regarding the quotation
  5. Effective planning
  6. Optimizing your goods packing
  7. You should not deem the matter as a priority.

4.3) Express or classic - DocShipper recommendations

Giving precise guidance about which method of shipment to use is not easily achieved. A number of aspects in this regard are considered, which makes the development related to guidance       challenging unless the requirements are carefully identified. Some factors, however, are sufficiently crucial to select the most suitable option:

- For weight: Generally, it is recommended that you take an express shipping option if the package weighs under a hundred kilos (in certain circumstances 150 kilograms). This is simply the best solution.

- Product characteristics: Certain " freight enterprises " will not handle specific classes of goods, including batteries, fluids, hazardous materials.... Do not hesitate to consult us for further assistance.

  1. Air freight of Vulnerable goods

  2. Air freight Private Items

  3. Air freight Your Pet and Animals

  4. Thermally susceptible goods

  5. Dangerous materials

  6. Valuable goods

Electronic trading has become an extremely valuable element of business as well as purchasing. The majority of the population has had previous online purchasing habits, because the practice has grown to become quite popular. In the coming years, the whole globe will be turning to new channels of supply.

DocShipper Qatar is a leading logistics provider located across the Mediterranean region, with a strong reputation in electronic trading and shipment through its presence in a number of marketplaces.

 6.1) B to B

For business-to-business operations, we usually consider the use of bulk or procurement methods. Thus, a classic way of shipping that could be through air or preferred to be utilized by maritime or even rail shipping if required, since it is expected that the dispatches will be large. Besides providing shipping and logistics solutions, as well as documenting, arranging for permits ( if required), reporting goods through your national customs office, and so on....

 6.2) B to C

B to C differs, generally we mean smaller parcels you would like to deliver immediately to clients in Qatar and other countries. We will handle and deal directly on the order to guarantee that the parcels are shipped promptly to the client.

6.3) 3PL and more

And lastly, in order for all processes to be monitored, we propose alternatives like (Third Party Logistics) (3-PL.) options. This means we can handle the entire process of logistics for the parcel: all the way through from the storing of the merchandise at our facility, the execution of queries such as order processing and delivery, and the creation of real time stock checks.

7.1) Why purchase Air cargo insurance?

Global transportation of goods and services cannot always be an accurate or precise job. The number of members has increased and numerous attempts to deal directly with your shipment from the pick up point until its arrival by humans, giving way to mistakes of which are natural elements. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you insure vs accidents, robbery or lost goods. No matter the situation, you are better off letting the shipment fly with your mind at ease.

7.2) How much does air cargo insurance cost?

The precise number is not easy to determine as coverage fees are also influenced by your product's characteristics. The prices vary according to the level to which the probability of a claim arises: for example, a fragile, sensitive or valuable item will be harder than a regular & Basic parcel which has no sensitivity to damage.

7.3) Declared value - Finding the right balance

It is crucial to ensure that the declared amount of merchandise is taken seriously. As stated before, the declared valuation of the merchandise is used as the foundation of any coverage plan ( the customs duty will also follow the similar principle), so this detail is of the utmost importance to be considered carefully.

 8.1) Why Book your air freight to Qatar With DocShipper – Importing to Qatar by Air Cargo

Clearly, operating alongside domestic shipping companies makes things more convenient and straightforward to a client. The main factor when selecting the most appropriate domestic shipping company is to communicate, as this is the main issue.


1. competitive

Domestic shipping companies are usually more effective at competing in comparison with overseas freight forwarders. In fact, while a domestic shipping agent would operate these operations, an outside shipping agent would subcontract their operations to a third party, resulting in an added stage of the process ( additional fees).

  2. Agile

As a shipping agent, there is a real need at all times to fine-tune transactions to better respond to requirements and to provide a flexible method of handling shipments.

  • Overseas shipping operators are compelled to work with third parties when transporting goods, which may not be a good choice since the other party involved might lack the required experience.

 3. Dedicated services

Usually, with a non-local agent there will be several points to deal with, whereas for a domestic shipping company the whole procedure will be followed from beginning to end. This enables a more intimate (and personalized) connection that can help you optimize the performance of your shipment.

9.1) Advantages of air freight

  1. Deadline
  2. Geographic scope is unlimited
  3. Highly accurate
  4. Trace shipments
  5. Reduced chance for dispute resolution

9.2) Inconvenience related to aerial shipping

  1. charges
  2. load and volumetric control
  3. Affected by weather conditions
  4. Very affected by the price of oil

Step 1 Collection & pickup

 We collect your merchandise, as it leaves, directly to your shipping agent's depot from your supplier.

As a result, our team will establish communication channels directly on the site and will contact the supplier in order to arrange the pick-up of the items and identify if there are other requirements: for example, packing arrangements, loading/unloading the merchandise

Step 2 Transporting

 Moving the merchandise for shipment as it leaves storage and is heading towards the airport for departing.

Once all necessary documents and merchandise have been verified, they are sent directly for departure by the airport.

 Step 3 Clearance

 Present the documents for exporting the goods that are departing. The last stage before

departing from the country of origin is the submission of the required paperwork for local duties. In order to get the materials shipped to the country desired, the authorization of customs officers is required.

 Step 4 In transit mode

The shipment will be shipped to the destination  desired through the departure airfield.

a place for your merchandise is reserved and know it is ready for dispatch. it's only a matter of several hours until your merchandise arrives at the destination required, after your product has arrived, there are two procedures left to go

Step 5 Duties

 Customs clearance of products from local authorities

When the merchandise reaches you, it will be subjected to domestic duties. The custom agent will be contacting their local authorities to organize and arrange to free the merchandise ( after all the duties have been paid).

Step 6 Delivery to destination

Trucking from the airport of arrival to your warehouse

And lastly, to finalize the transportation, the merchandise can be transported to your storage facility ( customer / residence) we will deliver the package or merchandise to the desired location from the airport. NB the terms under which the cargo is to be accessed and offloaded should also be made clear to the logistics company beforehand to prevent the slightest misunderstanding being made during the process.

incoterms list

Incoterms are the base! It is important for every trader to understand what incoterms are and how they work. Initially, incoterms define the responsibility of both, the buyer (you) and the seller (your supplier) regarding the logistics process. Usually, supplier sell under EXW or FOB incoterms (we will define those terms in details right after). It means that your product will need a 3rd part to handle the rest of the logistics process needed. Here we come !

Once you clarified with your supplier, you will find a freight forwarder (optimally us). You will contact them and request a quote for the “rest of the logistics process needed”. Usually, our customers ask for a delivery until the terminal (port or airport) which is a DAT solution, otherwise we could deliver it directly to your warehouse/office/home, which will be a DAP solution.

11.1) EXW

sending the merchandise in EXW will give the customer the entire logistical process: in other words, the responsibility falls upon your hands of the shipment through the process: from the agent depot during delivering stages to required location.

11.2) FOB (Free on Board Shipping)

If you are shipping your merchandise on an FOB basis, the goods would be delivered to the destination port or airport by your provider. all legal certificates are subjected to certain revision during the customs phase, which allows the customer to gain access to the goods later on if everything is ok.

11.3) Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) or Cost and Freight (C&F)

while shipping via CIF OR CFR your merchandise would be shipped to the airport of destination through air freight. after this phase your merchandise and legal documents would be checked by custom officials after it is cleared it would be ready for delivery to your warehouse, customers depot or private home

11.4) DAT (Delivery At Terminal)

what are the factors to expect while shipping via DAT this intercom refers to buying goods from your supplier in which customs clearance in addition to delivering the goods, would be taken care of. NB, on the other hand DAT method exclude delivery from the final airport or port to your desired address

11.5) DAP (Delivery At Place)

DAP as "Delivered at Place" - theoretically, when the goods are sent to the desired place of given, after we deliver your merchandise to your desired address, then the goods would be ready to be unloaded, on the other hand the DAT method in case of litigation or late arrival of the goods then then we ( the shipping company) would take care of any extra fees.

11.6) Does DocShipper offer door-to-door air freight offers?

As a result to its existence and extensive networking capabilities, DocShipper can deliver services known as " Door-to-door ". this is considered as our golden package deal in which our logistical group will be handling everything from A to Z related to the transport of your merchandise to the final destination with no worries about anything.

12.1) Airway bill

An Air Waybill (AWB) refers to a form accompanying your goods shipped via a registered express freight forwarding agency to enable you to follow your shipment by tracing it. There are many copies of the bill for each party engaged in your delivery to keep a record

12.2) Commercial invoice

A commercial invoice is a certificate that usually describes the customers purchases from his supplier in detail, in addition to the final cost of purchased goods . customs use the document in order to specify any duties that are left to pay after clearance your package would be ready to be shipped. A commercial invoice must include the following

(1 ) the insurance-policy, freight or other charges (if applicable).
(2) both cost for each item and cost of overall items
(3) the complete nature of the merchandise
(4) the method of packing,
(5) the amount, quantity & weight to be shipped,
(6) a statement showing the exact time and terms of purchase

12.3) Packaging list

The packaging list refers to a paper which shows the total number of packages that has to be loaded or has already been loaded. in other words,This list should be clear and indicate the same data located on the commercial invoice that we discussed earlier for a better control on your merchandise and making sure nothing is missing.

13.1) Air freight vs. Sea Freight

Sea freight is usually cheaper than airfreight...if you decide to ship using LCL method the cost of shipment would be calculated and specified by (cubic-meters)m3 . while shipping using FCL (full container load) sea freight is less costly than air freight. Rates also depend on oil prices, the point of departure and entry... Feel free to contact our experts for more details.

2. Time limit

if we take into consideration the speed of delivery, then it is without a question that shipping through air would be the fastest option of delivery nowadays. the time of flight needed from china to Qatar are as follows

Air freight  3 - 5 days
Sea freight 24 - 33 days

3. Reliability

Air freight is not only known for its fast delivery duration but also this method is very suitable due to the ease of the process. litigation rarely occurs during airfreight operations
⦁ Very limited losses/stolen due to the fact that air freight is controlled more effectively than sea freight
⦁ Minimal delays due to the high accuracy of the airlines.

13.2) Air freight or ocean freight -DocShipper recommendations

As referenced above, there is a first money related factor to consider: for the most part, if your package is under two meter cube (2m3 or 250 Kgs), then it is less expensive to transport it straightforwardly via air. Note likewise the significance of deferrals, every single dire shipment will be handled via airship cargo considering travel hours. At last, some high quality included items could be sent via air, cost of transport has little effect on the expense of the item.

There are a list of three airport in qatar :

  • Hamad international airport (DOH)
  • Al Khor Airport
  • Doha international airport

 14.1) Hamad International Airport

The new airport of Qatar, Hamad International, was launched in the year 2014, it  is situated alongside the region of Doha and the stunning Arabian gulf

Qatar Airways, the 5-star airline, with its astonishing architectural style, its highly effective work and its warm welcome, provides a truly unique connection with other parts of the globe, servicing over thirty million customers annually in addition to 360,000+ departing and arriving air crafts.

The objective of Hamad international airport work is simple. it’s giving the customers the best high end experience while traveling through airports.

Hamad international airport changed the way customers perceive airports. Characteristics in terms to convenience and reliability, of facilities such as recording or activities,related to cultural and aesthetic features, they keep amazing there customers at each step of the way. For this reason, the airfield has an architectural quality that combines both creativity and excellence. the reason for which our services are effective and convenient, is for there responsive and friendly staff. As a result, hamad international airport has become an outstanding connection with the  world. it’s strategic position where its met by both sides east and west ,it would be less of a headache to connect  passengers across many different regions worldwide - rapidly, easily and securely. They are capable of providing a revolutionized model of traveling experience

10 important points to remember

  1. The airport has a passenger volume that can accommodate 30,000,000 travelers annually. It will shortly be fifty-million.
  2. between both terminals , the western runaway was the eighth largest of its kind to date 4,850m.
  3. almost one hundred departures & arriving flights can be carried out hourly . it means they have 5 aircraft per three minutes.
  4. The terminal is the biggest in Qatar, measuring an area of 600,000 square meters.
  5. A total of 25,000 m2 of open space without vertical posts is given during Check-in Hall alone.
  6. In fact, the number of check-in desks is amazing with 138. 14 are conceived to be privately owned booths ( first-class passengers of Qatar Airways).
  7. We operate the biggest repair facility worldwide including the space to accommodate as many as thirteen planes simultaneously.
  8. The airport is designed especially to accommodate a A380 aircraft and were the first to do so.
  9. the cargo management service is capable to process five thousand suitcases on an hourly    basis, which is equivalent to one hundred and twenty thousand cases every day.
  10. While building, there were a total of nearly 6.2 million m³ in waste collected, de-watered for use as a landfill - for biggest environmentally friendly development project there is in the Gulf.

14.2) Al Khor Airport

The 400,000 m2 airport of Al Khor started construction plans 22 years ago in 1997 located approximately 35 km north-east from Doha.

The airport at Al Khor became operational as of the middle of 2004 for the department of training. Presently, Al khor airport provides services in the various fields of activity listed below:

  1. Aeronautical College of Qatar
  2. Helicopters in the Gulf
  3. Aerial Forces helicopters
  4. Privately-owned aircraft for the flying club of Qatar
  5. The Coastal Guards
  6. Aerial Ambulance

The airport plays an important role annually in organizing & in the reception for all Al Khor Fly In Day related services and activities since 2008, as this is a highly valuable feature & attracting a lot of people to the airport. for more information about al khor airport

14.3) Doha international airport:

The International Airport of Doha is situated within the city of Doha, in Qatar. This has been Qatar's most important passenger terminal up to the opening of Hamad International Airport on 27 May 2014. Even though all scheduled commercial activity for the airport has been stopped, both the terminal & available airstrips remain in operation by Qatari Emir Arial forces, the Rizon Jets and the Gulf Helicopters.

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