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DocShipper Qatar is an international freight forwarder company based in Qatar. Our group covers more than forty countries worldwide and is in a continuous state of growth, we have been handling shipments between Qatar and anywhere in the world. DocShipper is not a traditional logistics company, not even close. In fact, we are pretty much the opposite.

Our team is flipping a gazillion-dollar industry on its head. DocShipper was founded with a clear goal and mission that is to "redefine international logistics for SME & individuals". We decided to "shake up" the traditional logistics industry and establish "new standards”based on technology, in addition to a devoted customer service.

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Kamtong CHOW
Kamtong CHOW
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Stanley Ting
Stanley Ting
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Very good and efficient service. Picked up in USA was very smooth, items packed very carefully; delivery and clearing Thai Custom was very smooth also. Didn't have to make a trip to Laem Chabang as I was expected to. Everything was delivered to my house without anything being damaged. Definitely would recommend to anyone making an international move!
Roland Bonnard
Roland Bonnard
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Grand merci à Skander très bon travail MrBonnard
David Nicolo
David Nicolo
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Shirley Stolmack
Shirley Stolmack
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Mohamed did a fantastic job of clearing our shipment through the difficult Thai customs. We are relieved and grateful that they had the expertise to help us. We would use them again without hesitation.
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Claudiu Hrib
Claudiu Hrib
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I would like to thank Mallek Skander and DocShipper company for offering an outstanding service. I had to send goods from Morroco to Romania and working with them made my life easier as everything was sorted: loading, shipping, customs and unloading. It's a company I recommend in case you need this type of service.
Antoine D
Antoine D
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Alain Fabbroni
Alain Fabbroni
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Guiserix Jeanne
Guiserix Jeanne
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Great services

Sea freight

Our great relations with carriers in Qatar enable us to have competitive rates for their services. LCL, FCL, Bulk, Roro, OOG, we can provide you all these services from and to Qatar.


Frequent Questions about Sea Freight


What volume do I need to ship to be profitable in sea freight?

Before talking about volume, it's important to note the difference between Groupage (LCL) and full container (FCL). If you don't have enough volume to fill a full container, considering the smaller 20ft container with a capacity of 33m3, you can opt for a groupage. In any case, the method of transport by boat becomes economical from 2 m3.


When to choose a groupage (LCL) or full container (FCL) solution?

Although the answer is mainly based on the volume of your cargo, There is no perfect solution since it will also depend on several factors like the origin, the destination, the nature of your goods… Anyway, generally you can consider that from the moment the container is half full, it becomes profitable compared to groupage, i.e. a volume of about 15 m3.


What are the advantages of sea freight?

The main advantage of sea freight is above all the price regarding large volume transport. It is not for nothing that it is the most popular method of transportation today. In addition, ocean freight does not really have any restrictions on the types of cargo that can be transported. Finally, counter-intuitively, it is important to note that sea freight is one of the least polluting methods!


How much does a sea freight solution cost?

The sea freight itself is billed according to the volume: per container in the case of FCL and per m3 in the case of a groupage solution (LCL). However, it is important to consider other charges that cannot be retained: port charges, handling, (de)consolidation, road freight, customs clearance… can simply be more expensive than sea freight.

Air freight

DocShipper Qatar is positioned in all Qatar's international airports. This enables us to book classic, courier or urgent freight from everywhere and at the best price.


Frequent Questions about Air Freight


When does the air freight services is profitable ?

While air freight is a great time-saving option, a method that allows goods to be shipped around the world in a matter of days. But this solution can also be beneficial when you are shipping a small volume. In general, air freight becomes profitable for cargoes less than 1.5 m3 or 200 Kgs.


Are there any restrictions on air freight?

Air transport, on the other hand, presents a multitude of restrictions in terms of the nature of the goods transported. Indeed, some products are prohibited, which can sometimes eliminate this option from your choices. This is the case, for example, with batteries, certain liquids, etc. In general, all products of a dangerous nature (MSDS): flammable, explosive, etc.


How much does air freight transport cost?

Just like sea freight, there is no exact answer, because a multitude of factors will impact the price of your transport solution: origin, destination, direct flight (or not), weight, volume, etc. 'in any case, it is important to always put in parallel the gross weight (on the scale) and the volumetric weight (based on 1 m3 = 167 Kg), since the carrier will always invoice on the most important value.


What are the advantages of air freight?

As you would expect, air freight can be a quick fix. It is also the fastest on the market, by far ... As mentioned, this solution is sometimes even more profitable than much slower solutions like the boat or the train! Finally, this solution is also very flexible since it covers all international airports in the world.



In destination of Qatar and all the GCC countries, road freight is a fast and inexpensive way to transfer your goods from Qatar. Our skilled truck drivers will always transport your products safely.

Rail freight

Rail freight docshipper

DocShipper Qatar can provide rail freight services to the major cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and beyond. Thanks to our great partnerships with railway companies, their excellent services are available for us.

Express shipping


Your goods can be sent anywhere in less than 4 days with express freight. We partnered with the big names of this industry, like DHL, Fedex, TNT and UPS to provide this kind of services.

International freight | Sea - Air - Rail - Road | Customs Clearance

Your perfect import/export partner!

Do you think we are a traditional freight forwarder? What a mistake, we are much more than that! We are your eyes and ears in this dog-eat-dog world of import/export. We support you from A to Z on your entire project. Besides, we are the only ones to offer you this assistance, try to find a competitor!

A “sourcing” department supports you in the procurement process: supplier research, negotiation, payment, quality control, compliance… Call on technical and legal know-how on your stock purchase needs!

Our logistics department then takes over to support you throughout the transport process. It is also our specialty to provide door-to-door services, an all-inclusive offer: sea / air / rail / road freight, packaging, storage, customs clearance


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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Forwarding agent, sourcing ... What is the role of DocShipper?

As the question implies, DocShipper is much more than a freight forwarder, much more than a sourcing agent ... We provide unique support (yes, yes!) On the import/export chain. We support you from A to Z on the logistics, technical, regulatory and networking part (suppliers). User experience is at the heart of our priorities, a simple objective: your loyalty!

✅ How much do DocShipper services cost?

We cannot answer this question quite simply, because all of our services are billed on a case-by-case basis. Indeed, the slightest change can have a significant impact on the final invoice. What do we recommend? Simply contact us to obtain a price as quickly as possible. Besides the fact that this price will be easy to obtain with the multitude of channels, you use to contact us (WhatsApp, LiveChat, Telephone, Mail ...), you will also see that the prices are particularly competitive: try it, you will love it! See you soon!

✅ What are the competitive advantages of DocShipper?

Our advantages against the competition? It’s difficult to answer because there are so many! We can start with a way to manage your project, tailor-made assistance with solutions that are in line with your needs. In addition, with us, you will communicate with a dedicated salesperson, no more support with a multitude of interlocutors and all that follows, your consultant will assist you from A to Z. It is above all a way for us to limit the misunderstandings, but also to make the customer experience much more pleasant! Finally, it is very practical to communicate with our team in view of the different means we have implemented: WhatsApp, LiveChat, Email, phone call, social networks ... Choose the option that suits you!

✅ Why choose DocShipper?

Very good question ! We have already answered it in part in the previous questions, but we will clarify our remarks. Indeed, we are above all a business model based on user experience. One priority, your satisfaction. Why ? Quite simply because it has made us successful since our creation. Import / export operations are sometimes very stressful, no more with us! And this is probably where we make the difference with our competitors: proximity, human relationship, professionalism, competitiveness ... You have finally found a good partner!

Questions related to Qatar

What are the methods of transportation from Qatar?

You have the choice among several transport methods, it will mainly depend on your needs, your budget, the urgency of the transport: air freight for reasons of time, sea freight if you opt for an economical solution or road freight if it is regional transport.

What documents do I need to import / export with Qatar?

There is no specific regulation, with some exceptions. In general, it is important to comply with international regulations to be sure you are on the right track and not have unpleasant surprises on the D-day: purchase invoice, packing list, adequate certifications, MSDS if necessary ...

What process should my shipment go through?

International freight is great, but that's not all! You will have to add to this a quantity of steps that will vary depending on your project: packaging, storage, customs clearance, (un)loading, terminal charges, collection and final delivery… No panic, we will assist you from A to Z!

Is it possible to insure my cargo?

Yes, of course ! You even have 2 options: either you go through a third party by contracting yourself with an insurance, or you can ask our team to insure the cargo. The 2nd option is often favored, because it is much simpler.

How to determine customs duties and taxes?

There are several methods to do this, but the most reliable is to check at the source: with your HS Code (the product reference), the country of origin and the purchase value, you just have to go to the import customs site to estimate the amount of entry fees. Again, this is a process we are assisting you with.

I want to ship as soon as possible, what should I do?

The process is quite simple, you just have to contact our teams to make your request. The easiest way is to fill out our online form with all the details of your project, then our teams will get back to you within 24 hours to estimate the price of the service. Here you are, you are about to ship it all!

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