Who Are We?

DocShipper Qatar is an international freight forwarder company based in Qatar. Our group covers more than forty countries worldwide and is in a continuous state of growth,  we have been handling shipments between Qatar and anywhere in the world. DocShipper is not a traditional logistics company, not even close. In fact, we are pretty much the opposite. Our team is flipping a gazillion dollar industry on its head. DocShipper was founded with a clear goal and mission that is to "redefine international logistics for SME & individuals". We decided to "shake up" the traditional logistics industry and establish "new standards” based on technology, in addition to a devoted customer service.

Sea Freight

sea freight qatar

Our close commercial relations established with the largest shipping companies allow us to provide sea freight services from / to the destinations of your choice at the best rates and as soon as possible.

Sea Freight

Air Freight

air freight qatar

Our long-standing partnerships with major international airlines allow us to deliver fast, responsive and professional air freight services between Qatar and most of the world's international airport.

Air freight


Trucking services allow us to provide an all-inclusive shipment. Our drivers will pick up goods at the terminal (airport or port) to deliver it until the final destination : a home, a warehouse or wherever you need to get your goods !

Trucking services

Rail Freight

rail freight qatar

This method of transport combine several advantages: it allows to ship big volume 30% faster than sea freight. Moreover, the price won't be so high compared to Air freight. That option may be the right balance for your business!

Rail freight


warehousing qatar

We put at your disposal warehousing / storage services in Qatar but also across our worldwide network. Our warehouses allow us to deliver storage solutions to your chosen location to optimize logistics process.



freight insurance

Go for transport in all serenity! Thanks to the DocShipper Care insurance, we guarantee you safe and reliable transport conditions for all your international shipments. With DocShipper, Safety first !


Customs Clearance

customs clearance qatar

Our teams offer customs clearance services from / to Qatar in order to ship your goods with complete peace of mind. Contact us for more information on customs duties and other taxes.

Customs clearance

Packing Services

packing services qatar

This step is decisive in any international transport. It ensures the maintenance of your goods in perfect condition. For secure and reliable transportation, ask for our professional packaging services.

Packing service

Express Shipping

express shipping

An emergency? Do you expect to ship small volumes in the shortest time? This transport offer is ideal for sending small parcels around the world in just a few days. Contact us for more information about our prices!

Express transport

Door To Door

door to door qatar

These services ensure you full coverage of the transport, the removal of goods until final delivery. All necessary formalities (customs clearance included) are provided by appointed experts. An all-inclusive logistics solution !

Door to door


import export license qatar

You want to buy a product ? Or just to control the production and/or the supplier ? Our DocShipper team is here to help your finding the product you need at the best price!

Sourcing services

There are several ways to transport your cargo. You can ship them by air, sea, standard express, rail and/or through trucking services. All this procedure could be a complex experience for business managers who have not explored all means of transportation and the costs associated with it. Many mistakes could occur with inexperienced people on their first expedition, DocShipper is here to guide you through every step of the freight proccess.


Contact us and receive an answer within 24 hours maximum

Dedicated Customs Service

Our customs broker will guarantee a trouble-free clearance

Custom service

Small or big expedition, we manage all your needs!


We guarantee very competitive prices. Just compare!

Multilingual customer service

We speak English, French and Arabic to avoid misunderstanding


Nous sécurisons tous nos envois, la sécurité est notre priorité !
docshipper reliable and secure

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